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30-Day Relentless Resolution Challenge

Casual chats at work build friendships, teamwork, and idea sharing. They help us trust each other, speak freely, and work better together. By breaking down formal barriers, these quick and informal talks make decisions quicker and boost productivity. Our post highlights the importance of informal communication in strengthening team bonds, fueling creativity, and fostering a happier, more productive workplace. 

The Challenge:  

Let’s create some informal communication; let’s chat. It’s a great way to make returning to the office more meaningful and form stronger bonds. But even if you’re working on a remote team, you can start a new trend. It helps if you let people know what you’re up to (getting to know them better and feel more connected) so they know it’s a worthwhile exchange.  

Pick someone on your team you wish you knew more about and ask or text them one of the following questions that matches with something you would genuinely like to know about them.  Be prepared to share your answer back. Hopefully, it starts an informal conversation about something you both value. Drop an emoji in the comments to let us know what you think of this idea and feel free to share your results! 

“Hi [Co-worker’s Name]! Random question: if you could teleport anywhere right now, where would you go?” 

What this helps you know about your co-worker:  

  • Motivation and energy level: do they wish they were back in bed under the covers? Or on a hike through the world’s most beautiful park, or basking on a beach in Bali? You can tell how they’re feeling in the present moment by how far away from it they want to be and whether they’re craving more stimulation or more calm. 

Hey [Co-worker’s Name]! Quick question: what’s your go-to comfort food when you need a pick-me-up?” 

Why this question is a great conversation starter:  

  • You might learn something you didn’t know. “My mom’s Dal Tadka is what I crave when I’m feeling tired at the end of the day.” For the record, this is a lentil dish that is pure comfort. If you don’t recognize the food, or think it’s an interesting choice (“I always keep a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese in the cupboard. It reminds me of dinner at the family table when I was eight years old”) let them know. 
  • If you’re looking for a way to make someone’s day, bringing in their favorite food – or a version of it – will make them feel heard and comforted.  

“Hey! Hope you’re having a great day! Random Q: If you could learn any new skill overnight, what would it be?” 

Why this question is helpful:  

  • You might get an answer about a skill that can easily fit into their current role: “I’d love to be able to write well. I have lots to say, but putting it down on paper is so hard for me.” (Writing classes are available from a variety of free and low-cost sources, and the company may even pay.) 
  • You might get an answer that aligns with your interests – another chance to bond and possibly plan activities together. You may also find an opportunity to connect colleagues who have the same interest or hobbies, leading to better relationships and perhaps, some off-hours bonding.  

Rich Thompson, CEO of XPG Recruit, is an expert on staffing, human resources, training and leadership development.  He is also a former All-Big Ten football player for the University of Wisconsin.  XPG Recruit provides recruiting for staffing companies.  The XPG Recruit Athlete division places former athletes into business careers and works closely with universities through its sister company, Podium X.