Employer Testimonials

What employers have to say about working with XPG Recruit.

Employers Testimonials

What employers have to say about working with XPG Recruit.

Our Clients’ Words

I’ve had the pleasure of having been a client of Anne-Marie’s both as a prospective customer as well as a professional seeking a new career opportunity. I can say, without hesitation, that she has exceeded my expectations in all the situations that we have worked together. She doesn’t view the hiring process as a transaction instead, she knows that looking for a good match should be a “win-win” proposition. Again, from both perspectives (employer and employee), her efforts have consistently paid off for me in a beneficial relationship.

Chris Lane regarding Anne-Marie Strasenburgh

Amy and I were first introduced in 2021 when our tech recruiting practice was just myself, and we were looking to grow quickly. She and her team have since come in to help expand our team to five rockstar recruiters. Being on the client side of working with a recruiting firm was a first for me, and Amy has made this such a great experience.

Amy is a fantastic recruiting partner, and I appreciate her honesty, transparency and always being one step ahead. She listens to our needs and challenges, consults with us and finds us incredible talent. Truly grateful for this partnership, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for recruiting talent.

Tim Bromley- Talentfoot

In addition to 25 years of experience in the staffing industry and a nuanced approach to his customers, I am amazed at Rich’s extensive network of staffing professionals in all sizes of companies throughout the nation. His networks provide access to people and companies that enable greater companies to find greater candidates.

David Alexander, CEO – Soliant

Amy is an A-Player! She is conscientious, listens well to the client’s needs and will do what it takes to find the right candidate. She thrives on finding challenging position placements and has the utmost professionalism. I heartily recommend Amy for anyone looking to recruit a candidate to help grow your organization.

No one has more experience in the staffing industry than Rich Thompson at XPG Recruit. From being a recruiter to running branches to building Talent Management and Career Development programs to running HR for the largest region in the largest staffing and recruitment company in the world, he truly understands people and culture.