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Our Team Works for You

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Our Leadership

XPG Recruit was founded by two innovators with a mission to elevate relationship-based recruiting service to the staffing industry. Our leadership team have a deep experience in the staffing industry, working across various industries and specializations. Our leaders are dedicated to the candidates that they work with everyday – helping them to find a greater career and purpose. Get in touch with them to kick start a meaningful relationship.


Rich started his career 25 years ago in Chicago as a recruiter and quickly expanded into managing branches, and then regions, of a large staffing company. He transitioned into a national training role and grew into a role in Zurich, Switzerland as the Global Head of Talent for a Global Fortune 500 company. In that role, he was responsible for the people strategy across the more than 60 countries, building programs organically and in partnership with some of the world’s top business schools. Building heavily on priorities of culture, leadership, talent and performance, he moved back to the U.S. as the CHRO of a $10 billion region for the largest staffing company in the world. His progressive operating model changed how the company executed the HR function, by aligning to operational strategies and increasing efficiencies.


Amy’s first year on the job as a staffing recruiter resulted in her being the Executive Recruiter Rookie of the Year. And things just went up from there, winning the Number One Executive Recruiter for multiple years at one of the nation’s largest recruiting firms. Amy has an intrinsic sense of how to discover the needs of the clients and makes meeting those needs her personal mission. In a field that can be transactional, she stands out for her thoughtful, creative and personal approach while never losing focus on getting results. And with more than 15 years of recruiting, sales and career-matching experience, she has the connections and insight to make sure those results are greater than the rest.