The Speed of talent

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An XPG Recruit eBook

Our exclusive XPG Recruit ebooks highlight the insights and tips your organization needs to manage the current facets of talent within an ever-changing environment. Please fill out the form on this page to select any of the following eBooks to download. 

The Speed of Talent

An XPG Recruit eBook

Talent is moving at a new speed. Attracting and retaining talent is job one for every company, but getting it right continues to be a moving target. Take a look at our strategies to stay ahead of the curve to catch and keep the best talent. Our eBook addresses the following areas:

  • Reducing your risk of turnover
  • Developing a process for hiring efficiently without compromising on quality
  • The evergreen recruiting model for talent
  • Managing and responding to an increase in ghosting

The Great Rehire

An XPG Recruit eBook

Job seekers’ priorities have shifted. With more remote work opportunities and an increased importance on work/life balance and flexibility creating new approaches to employment, we take an in-depth look at the changing workforce and key trends. In this eBook you will learn:

  • Tips on how to develop a strategic plan for hiring
  • Insights on the changing mentality of the workforce
  • How to invest in people, both your current employees and futures ones.

Win the Recovery

An XPG Recruit eBook

The changes you are making today to your workforce need to be strategic, not reactionary, with an eye to the future. Our eBook covers various talent-centric topics including:

  • Re-evaluating your organizational structure
  • Identifying your winners and picking your team based on key characteristics
  • Defining success with a plan that is future-proof
  • Embracing the new norm

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