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Official Partner of XPG Recruit

Xtra Point Group

Official Partner of XPG Recruit

XPG Recruit Athlete is proud to partner with PODIUM X

In addition to being recruiters and staffing professionals, our athlete division is comprised largely of former athletes who understand that many athletes have developed transferrable skills through athletics. Many of these skills fit well with sales and recruiting roles. We understand the current staffing and recruiting job market and the opportunities available to athletes.

Everyone wants winners on their team, be it a sports team or a work team. Our process for successful placements is based on working with companies who value those winning qualities in employees. Podium X is the perfect complement to our services by offering a database of former athletes who have selected the feature of working directly with our recruiters to help them secure a job.  This partnership gives us access to the best athletes in the country who are committed to winning beyond athletics to help them find a perfect fit with a company that benefits from their contribution the team.

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Podium X is an online platform that translates the experiences and soft skills of the athlete into a shareable profile and instant resume with a connection to a job board. It highlights their special traits and accomplishments to seek NIL opportunities, apply for internships, search for a job, and apply for graduate school. Functioning as a career development partner, it makes the athlete stand out and helps secure a desirable job.


A personalized approach to career transition that highlights athletic experience in a way that translates those skills to employability

backed by Experienced Career Managers

Backed by XPG Recruit staffing professionals, Podium X helps transitioning athletes secure a job that best matches with their skills and career preferences.


A simple, intuitive process for a seamless user experience that enables each profile /resume to highlight the features of the individual to standout from the crowd and get noticed by companies.

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Changing the way athletes prepare and apply for jobs and launch meaningful business careers.