Employment Expectations and Trends for 2021

An XPG Recruit eBook

Defeat the Downturn.
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An XPG Recruit eBook


An XPG Recruit eBook

Job seekers’ priorities are shifting. With more remote work opportunities, and an increased importance on work/life balance and flexibility, are you positioned to attract talent in 2021? If your organization is planning to hire in the coming quarters, download our eBook for important tips and advice.

The workforce has changed. It cannot be judged by the same rules and expectations. The economic shutdown has altered not only how people are employed, but how people view their jobs. And from the varied experiences during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people have different experiences and different reactions.

Our latest eBook takes an in-depth look at the changing workforce and the key trends as we enter 2021. In this eBook you will learn:

– Tips on how to develop a strategic plan for hiring in 2021

– Insights on the changing mentality of today’s workforce

– How to invest in people, both your current employees and future ones

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