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Athlete Placement Spotlight: NICOLE MAGLIOZZI

Nicole Migliozzi 

Graduation Date: May, 2022
JOB Acceptance Date: March, 2022

One of the most rewarding moments for athletes transitioning to careers is when they realize that a large part of why they are being hired is BECAUSE of their athletic experience. There is almost a sense of relief. We think that has something to do with the past anxieties many athletes have about not being able to dedicate time to obtaining work experience.  

So you can imagine the extra excitement for one of our athletes, Nicole Migliozzi, when she realized that she was not only getting a job offer, but also a little extra pre-job experience! 

A Long Island, NY native, Nicole is currently finishing her MBA at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. She enrolled in the university’s 3+1 program where students finish a bachelor’s degree in three years and complete their MBA in year four. Nicole majored in Human Resources Management while also killing it as a setter for the women’s volleyball team.  

She wasn’t quite sure what kind of job she’d be offered after graduation. She’d only done one internship during her junior year, so she didn’t have much business experience to offer an employer. Through XPG Recruit Athlete, she was connected with a recruiting company that specializes in management and executive recruiting. 

Nicole says her experience as a collegiate athlete helped her in her job search, and she was gratified that her athletic experience was viewed as an asset for an interested company. “They look for people who thrive on competition,” Nicole says. When asked how confident she feels about her new role, she says she’s both nervous and excited. “That’s where my volleyball career has really been helpful. I learned a long time ago to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” 

She says, “I had a coach early on who told me ‘If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing. I’m going to push you past your comfort zone to make you stronger, smarter, and better, And when you get comfortable at that level, I’m going to push you again.’ That helps me get through any case of the jitters.” 

Nicole also learned to manage her time well during her collegiate career. She spent about 20 hours a week in practice, training, or competition during the volleyball season and maintained her grade point average in the accelerated program.  

Nicole is a natural competitor in whatever she does. She’s pleased that her new company’s compensation model is performance-based, because it means Nicole will be in charge of how much she earns. She’s used to setting goals for herself and not letting anything get in her way. “If I see someone else achieving more than I am, I’ll just figure out a way to get better,” she says. 

It also helps that Nicole was also offered the chance to connect to her coworkers and start training before she leaves school. The company is paying her four hours a week to shadow recruiters and learn from them remotely. She sits in on remote meetings, learning about the job, the company, and the culture she’ll be joining after graduation.  

Another aspect of the job that excites her is that it’s 100% remote; Nicole can live anywhere in the U.S. She’s planning to move back home for the first few months while she saves money and figures out the best place to set up her own home base.  

The advancement of technology and wide acceptance of remote work means can start work before she graduates and choose where she wants to live without being tied to her company’s physical location. She’s off to a strong start on her transition from student athlete to professional recruiter, thanks to XPG Recruit Athlete.